Welcome to Zaanti Private Yoga New York's premier private and corporate yoga provider.

Our Mission:
A challenge is a challenge. We look at your yoga practice as a training ground for how YOU show up when life is throwing lemons at you. During a particular sour situation do you become:
-Reactive by being defensive, angry, frustrated or FREAK OUT when life doesn't match your expectations...? 

Or, Instead

-Responsive; having the ability to control yourself, to step back for a moment, breath and then make an informed choice...?

   The physical practice of Yoga is a powerful tool and when utilized effectively grounds and empowers its students. Yoga is a focused journey into awareness that helps develops responsibility for ones actions.
   By moving through a frequent practice, yoga teaches you how you show up when faced with a difficult opportunity. 
  At Zaanti, it is our mission to help you rediscover your body and breath, guide you towards your biggest challenges and to teach you how to relax breath, accept, soften and seamlessly overcome them.  By consistently doing so, your body, mind and spirit open to new and rewarding possibilities. 

We look forward to working with you.